Friday, October 1, 2010

Tim Eitel Message to home at Galerie EIGEN+ART Berlin by craniv boyd

Tim Eitel Message to home at Galerie EIGEN+ART Berlin


The paintings are in dull colors, decidedly so. It is a statement and break with the past, with the artists familiar range, for Tim Eitel at his current show at the Berlin outpost of the Galerie EIGEN+ART it is a step in a new direction for a painter who became known for his bright colored landscapes and multi figured museum interiors.


The galerie press release informs us that the Tim Eitel has recently moved to Paris, his works contain no immediatley reacognizeable or obvious Parisian theame, for they are by and large depictions of people one to three at a time engaging in normal activities.


A small painting shows a balding young man. Closed eyes, his head leaning downwards perhaps he is meditating. Another dark skillfully painted picture at first glace appears to be a black square with a white stripe on the right side of the painting. Spending time with it reveals a plainly clothed figure in white from the shadows, holding a video camera that obscures their face. 


For me a central work in the exhibition is the same painting depicted on the exhibition card. It is of three young Caucasian males seated on the banks of a body of water on a fog-covered day. The men could be some of the scores of unemployed drink and drug obsessed that sit in the parks of Berlin all day. These figures are captivating because here is a representation in painting, a medium that historically glorified the existing power structure, of men who are ordinary and doing nothing special at all. by craniv boyd ©

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