Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Hus Mit Navn. Untitled: Yellow Black wall paint, at Kunstraum Kreuzberg/ Bethanien. Mariannenplatz 2, 10997 Berlin. DE, By craniv boyd.

Hus Mit Navn. Untitled: Yellow Black wall paint, at Kunstraum Kreuzberg/ Bethanien. Mariannenplatz 2, 10997 Berlin. DE, By craniv boyd.


A child goes to school, for a violin lesson, or a guitar lesson. That youth walks down a hall, which was built with the intention, of being a house to save the lives of children. That wide hallway has a new coat of paint. One more layer of pigments in a long continuum, of the buildings life. A child, walking today, on the ground floor of the large brick building with the address on Mariannenplatz Two, the building that is home to Kunstraum Kreuzberg/ Bethanien, would see a goofy, tour du force, by the Danish artist, a painter who adopts the artist moniker of Hus Mit Navn or, in the English language, what’s my name?


If Matt Groening, the author, of the Simpsons, or Ren & Stimpy, of Nickelodeon fame, were given a chance, to shine on the walls of a wing in a Cathedral, or another large space of learning, or convalescence, then you would have some thing similar to the funny looking, and joyous wall paintings featuring bizarre characters that, Hus Mit Navn, has painted in a wing of a former children’s hospital. The walls are in the bright optimistic process yellow of a post it notes. The use of the black paint, extended to it’s limits, of grey, to create and image characters, archetypical such as: the wounded lion, the acrobatic & clever mouse, the worrying and run-away pencil, the mean looking yet vulnerable, nose bleeder, the diamond shaped strong man, the dancing woman, all fallible contradictory types that in their nonchalance eek out a smile from, the corners of the most down cast pessimist’s mouth. 


The high contrast Spartan usage of color, binary style, just like in computing, on or off, black or yellow, with the vision of Hus Mit Navn, provides, a walk down a hall peopled by big, odd freaks each with their own individuated wall space between portals set at regular intervals. Its fun to look at and the dude wearing a baseball cap, sports shirt, with really long wavy rubber band arms takes up more space, he cant help poking the eye of a crouching lion.


The super upside-down mouse doing yoga is bare bottomed. The creature’s posterior, is where the head of a normal standing figure should be, and mouse or no, mouse; the beast, has long legs that jut outwards, creating an upside-down L form, Г.  Just for finesse and punctuation the smiling acrobatic mouse character has a bad case of wet gas, a dark black mushroom cloud that could appear to some, like a heart shape, hovers over the butt. Smelly.


The comical large scale frieze by this younger Danish talent, who also has a more,  colorful work, (more  from the rainbow, than just black and yellow) painted on the entirety of a five story Berlin Kreuzberg walk up firewall painted with a weirdo walking and speaking with a white speech bubble « Hus Mit Navn” is funny to a point, goofy and awkward and friendly as it may appear in the skill, manor of execution, the wall paintings inside the former children’s ward are, as public works, both awe inspiring and, plainly inspiring. By craniv boyd.

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