Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Julian Schnabel Deus ex Machina

Julian Schnabel Deus ex Machina
28.April-28 Juli 2012,
Contemporary Fine arts Am Kupfergraben 10 10117 Berlin,
by craniv boyd.

A powerhouse of an exhibition was to be seen this past summer in
Berlin, Germany.
It was of recent paintings by the renowned artist and film director
Julian Schnabel. All of the paintings adopted an extra large format
and two works in particular took on portent of the myth of the United
States of America and the countries nascence in a funky way that
included: purple stain painting that could look like a haze of purple
gas for some "experienced" folks, a stuffed albino buffalo set against
a kabuki-esque backdrop of great generals wiping away their tears with
the union flag, and of course a toy soldier looking General Washington
whom receives the English with red coats. Of this pair a smaller
canvass of 178 by 195 cm titled "the Sky of Illimitableness" The
larger of the pair retained a panorama wide format, the Albino Buffalo
abound a rock that looked to be spray painted garish colors of mutant
slime green and noxious safety pink, and in the hills of the back
drop, behind the similar tropes of purple stains and United States
Kabuki History a fleeing pair of black people in the woods. The couple
are faceless, nevertheless they are there setting forth to build that
great union, far afield from the great men of history with their candy
colored pageantry.

The exhibition was one fit for a king, not only because of the two
floors in Chipperfield and Associates building on the Coper grave in
center city Berlin a stones throw from the Pergamon alter, but because
what Mr. Schnabel is painting, portrait pictures of a younger
generation of artists over large adverts of women and the clothing
they must wear, is relevant. White lines with swirls of faint tainted
hues over textures big, and wood like speak to both a sensitivity to
materials on the hand of the artist perhaps, and insensitivity and
bombast concerning materialism that advertisement may contain. by
craniv boyd.

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