Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Jonathan Borofsky Molecule Man, Spree River, Berlin. by craniv boyd.

Jonathan Borofsky Molecule Man, Spree River, Berlin. by craniv boyd.

A triumvirate of veritable metal colossi, tackle one another on the Spree river in Berlin. Each of the three men of aluminum remain standing locked in a face on triangular collision where feet meet and hands or arms meld together. 

Perforated shining people together atop the river surface, stand as it were, impossible running on the water. Each of the men is a cookie cutter form at thirty meters in height, the three men in their artful fender-bender have silhouetted mouths agape as if to scream <Oh no we do not want to be re-united together! >

A sculpture in an open air-river-space. The same shape in triplicate fused, the section could be said to look like a "Y" form. Two of the masculine forms have their legs facing out south bound. the third male, meets them from the north, only to bump into one another with their many holes.

Truly tall Swiss cheese dudes who run on water in Prussia. 

Mammoth Siamese triplet, conjoined at the torso lands in Berlin, and runs around, hollering their heads off, attempting with several false starts, the tall task of finding their way home.

Men women and children can, and do feel free to navigate their small canoes and rowboats underneath the three pairs of severally pierced legs.

The buffed and polished and treated surface of the aluminum men taller than many, structures for living cheaply, in the Hauptstadt, catch the light of bright sunny days and reflect it, brighten up days with the clear-skies over Berlin.

Of the three, one: neither of these belligerents, in this ├Žstetical conflict is sufficiently self complete to be neither a whole male silhouette, nor freestanding man-sculpture by oneself. These guys do not have arms. Only, legs, to propel their hurtling torsos, more forward bound, and thus deeper into the morass, in which they appear to grapple, screaming. The nexus of their collective collision course is the fulcrum which supports them, to each metal man of divergent trajectories, a common frozen terminus, and that fused endpoint, provides them, a source of stability. 

The angle of each of the figure's legs indicates moderate linear velocity. A sculpture, that  illustrates an improbable motion. Doubtlessly, the action, this art work depicts, would be a painful crash were it to occur between men of flesh and blood on a playing field. Oddly enough, though, that these, at times, see through aluminum guys, would hold a poised static grace.

A big heap of tin foil formed artfully towers over tourists who sojourn further past the bathing ship, or the arena. 

These three pale metal guys, are examples of: thought provocative, past-modernist, simplistic, bare bones, figurative artwork, that provides people an image of the human form, performing one basic task it tends to do best, walking. by craniv boyd.


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