Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Sol LeWitt Structure 1994, Familiengericht Tempelhof-Kreuzberg, Hallesches Ufer 62, Berlin. DE, by craniv boyd.

Sol LeWitt Structure 1994, Familiengericht Tempelhof-Kreuzberg, Hallesches Ufer 62, Berlin. DE, by craniv boyd.

A jungle gym of sorts is placed, stationary on a grassy lawn outside a family courthouse, in Berlin Kreuzberg. It is a white, sculpted cube. All of its five visible sides are white square formed Bar stock, that make a grid. the jungle gym out side the office, is too sober looking to be approachable as a play structure. Regular intervals, and several white squares within a larger white square, provides the contemplative organized rational mood of art. twentieth century American minimalist cannon art to be particular. A name shield bears Sol LeWitt and title of Structure, (1994) tells most who can read, that this white cube, made of metal, in the grass is art. 

Minimal sculpture is simple to observe, slow, perhaps to understand or appreciate. If you are driving at a fast clip past family court, and looking toward the passenger side, at  Structure, by Sol LeWitt as many do in their daily, ways to where-ever in Berlin, then the Kinetic aspects of this stationary work move fast before your eyes. On a Bicycle, staring at Structure while moving would give the perceiver, a slower reception of the kinetic effects of this ground-bound minimal work. Running or walking, by contrast, again with eyes fixed on Sol LeWitt's work, the changes of the appearance of the work are less rapid, the shifting of the white bars, with their fire repellent paint, which do not move, due to the change in the vantage points held by observer, show that: the sculpture all though bland, innocuous or basic in appearance, is radically different looking, provided where you look from.

Crystal Lattice structure,is how iron atoms or other pure metals, would look on the molecular level. The organization of the squares, inside the white cube of Sol LeWitt's sculpture, Structure,  an artwork made of aluminum, is reflective of a Crystal Lattice structure. Despite hard edges, and geometric form, of this late twentieth century art work, its regular standard dimensions of five meters by five meters by five meters, that to most cultured art spectators, is a far cry from naturalism or realism in visual arts, Structure, mimics the form of the materials of which it is comprised. Begging a question is Sol LeWitt just another author of minimal art, that relies on mathematics, or is his math reliant art a new crop of Metal realist

Boring looking. White minimal sculpture out side of a family court, the placement, coupling of ordered artwork near a municipal court house, sends a signal. Stable vibrations in Structure, (1994), and monochrome flame retardant paint, give the impression of yes, you do possess the ability to climb this metal art work like a jungle gym, or an adventure play structure, but letting it be would be far more appropriate, because it is beside the family courthouse steps. Odd that minimalism, geometric art, would dovetail quaintly with municipal buildings of the law. The five meters large white metal lattice is an artwork, bearing a statement of, well-tempered transparent, freestanding  empty volume. by craniv boyd.  

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