Sunday, May 29, 2011, week 27, April 30 – May 7, Linienstraße 160,berlin DE by craniv boyd., week 27, April 30 – May 7, Linienstraße 160,berlin DE by craniv boyd.


Occasionally when viewing current art you can have the distinctive impression that you have come to the party late missed the best band that played, missed the inaugural speech or funny antic, for week 27 of, a storefront for web-based art project by Stefanie Seidl, that has a real location on Linien street in central Berlin, the raision d-étre if you will of virtual existence, the case is such, when happening upon the trashed out diorama, with prominent names of two German Women artists on a locked glass door framed in brushed aluminum or steel.


The virtual existence of the on off line gallery, can serve to remedy our understanding of what looks like another wild contemporary weekend in the Hauptstaat. There are minimalist generalist promotional fliers giving written explanation and web directions, hanging for one to take from the real wall. Understanding of the project can happen once you use the World Wide Web to find more minimal explanations in the form of a digital postcard archive, so to speak.


  "On the occasion of the gallery-weekend berlin-weekly hosts the Berlin art magazine TEXTE ZUR KUNST April 30 – May 7, Texte zur Kunst is showing their exclusive artists editions and also for the first time originals: new works by Jutta Koether and Rosemarie Trockel."


There in a way we have it, this project, berlin-weekly, which draws on the late Wrong Gallery of New York Chelsea district a kind of hip commentary by Anarchic cynic the Italian M. Cattalan, hosts a heavy-weight local based journal for art, that has the Parkett model down pat, complete with current artist editions to augment subscription sales. In all likely hood R. Trockel, and J. Koether, participated in some kind of an intervention in the deliberately fake tromp l'oeil gallery that was a door front rather than store front, a chick looking glass door that if opened would lead into a brick wall. The strategic "hosting" of a current art journal on a succession of evenings where there would be high foot traffic of art worlders, makes odd logic in light of the previous and subsequent weeks, the younger generation of Berlin based artists, with there modest, singular and installed proposals and gestures, bracket the gallery weekend week, week 27, with more known names, two Women and a magazine, where the magazine name is decisively absent from the glass storefront panel, the online edition of the weekly update calls to mind for those minds familiar with social networking web addresses, and the virtual gallery of the paparazzi photos of ones own friends staged, and or casual, that you find on them. is a gallery that needs three things to foster some kind of comprehensive understanding of its venture, primarily the physical location mysterious outpost in rapidly changing center city Berlin, secondly the card, printed to reiterate the virtual address and explanation, the card itself is halfway there to an explanation providing a triad of addresses one urban and two virtual, and ultimately but not least of all the web site, which solves the riddle, for week 27 we have an archive of party photos, something absent from the other weekly editions, you can see that perhaps, from the mess left behind that on Linien Street 61, in all likely hood you missed a good time. By craniv boyd. 

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