Friday, May 13, 2011

Tobias Putrih A,H, O, I !... April 29- June 25, 2011 Galerija Gregor Podnar, Lindenstr. 35 10969 Berlin, DE by craniv boyd.

Tobias Putrih A,H, O, I !... April 29- June 25, 2011 Galerija Gregor Podnar, Lindenstr. 35 10969 Berlin, DE by craniv boyd.


Avast Monochrome enthusiasts, those who enjoy modular works of Styrofoam with utopist societal import that touches on rigor focus and architectonics will and shall truly enjoy the exhibition of A, H; O; I !... by Slovenian born yet Cambridge Massachusetts based artist Tobias Putrih.


The work of Putrih or his press handlers at Galerija Gregor Podnar, would and do triangulate Tobias Putrih on the current landscape of pluralist art production by naming his region as Slovenian, second generation avant gaurdist paying homage to the late Croatian architect and artist Vjeneceslave Richter (1917-2002), expanding from the Balkan theatre of visionary design and art collision to an east Asian sister movement of visionary urbanists in postwar Japan the Metabolists, moving to a short shrift of the current physically speaking light weight work heavy on vision and concept in the show and the biographical or rather career trajectory that positions Tobias Putrih as a biennial artist in the theater of the international, via participation in Group shows in Centre Georges Pompidou, 29th edition of the São Paolo biennial, Greater New York exhibition, Manifesta 4 in Frankfurt am Main and hidden of course in plain sight amidst the list of viable international settings for global current artistry his representation of Slovenia on the international stage of the 52nd edition of Venice Biennial.


Putrih is able to place super dry and almost ironic shredded news papers that are artisinal in there weaving and illegibility a visual trope in the series Times that could be an illustration for Information's willful transition into Miss Information, that dystopic English writer G. Orwell wrote around with his many neologisms newdoublepolicethinking. The New York Times is rendered into an object that is intricately woven with an exacto knife from acme of free speech and leading trusted news source into a wall mounted temporary tapestry of sorts with socio-political implications via its supporting role as found materials.


There she blows spewing white Styrofoam all over the thin pieces stuffing numerous elegant grids of plywood, super cheap and super light materials are rendered with the touch of a group technicians providing the cluttered gallery space with works that speak of team rather than idiosyncratic touch. One place to look for the touch of the utopic-master would be in the drawings I found the touch of Tobias Putrih at hand and accounted for in his times series, a shame that the cornerstone of this edition of his oeuvre would be in painstakingly carved and woven newsprint, random or un-randomly selected to weather and yellow first, in a workshop some where in New England then on the Berlin gallery's wall, and after (remains to be seen) on a collectors public or private wall or archival flat file. By craniv boyd. 

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