Thursday, May 12, 2011

Jone Kvie, Stellar Core, 29/04/2011- 25/06/2011 Galerie Opdahl Berlin, Lindenstraße 35, 10969 DE, by craniv boyd.

Jone Kvie, Stellar Core, 29/04/2011- 25/06/2011 Galerie Opdahl Berlin, Lindenstraße 35, 10969 DE, by craniv boyd.


A solar storm scaled down and turned with the Midas touch of Norwegian born, yet Swedish based, artist Jone Kvie, and foundry Noack and Sons, into not gold but bronze and aluminum, exposed for Galerie Opdahl, in this artists second one person exhibition.


Candy pastel and subdued day glow colors are the layers that clothe these mid scale yet ambitious works in three dimensions. The painted layer under the wax sealant for the Bronzes is deceptive, the light hue suggestive of light weight, however after taking a moment in the space a pause with the work one can feel the massiveness of the work, yes they look rather fluffy the largest of the works share the same color of cotton candy, pink but at 500 kg or a half ton Kvie's sculptures are not. There is a heroic bravery to installing a work that heavy in a gallery on an upper floor of an office building.


Kvie is able to meld classical art via his choice of materials Bronze, modernism via forms that are at first appearance geometric abstractions, and current science via the artists interpretation of solar storms or Supernovæ, through study of recent images from space close ups of Stars.


Metal, especially the heavy types are cast of when stars approach the end of their life cycle, Jone Kvie makes a scaled image of large celestial bodies and some of the objects exhibited are larger than others, just like in our cosmos. He makes a portrait of the sources of the building blocks of our universe with materials like aluminum or bronze made by stars when they ex or implode. The mix of freestanding objects with work that hangs like a A. Calder mobile places the gallery public into a minimally populated scale model of a corner of the universe white walls act to subvert and re frame a possible science hall exposition effect that Kvie or Opdahl may intentionally seek to avoid.


Artists at many times see things and are sensitive to phenomena, much in the same way that I. Newton might have been, perhaps Internet activity and scientist forecasting increase solar storms from our sun that may affect satellite activity is a reason for why Jone Kvie selection of this project, I think not however, the process for lost wax casting is an investment in foundry terms, and Kvie appears to bring an amount of focus and economy of concept/materials to the task of the risky proposition of second gallery solo exposition. By craniv boyd. 

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